Staff worried at CQC’s Ofsted style rating system

//Staff worried at CQC’s Ofsted style rating system

I have left the day job for a week to wander around the country catching up with old colleagues, I’ve been listening hard! What do I hear?

The impending next wave of CQC inspections feature high in anxieties, the new ‘Ofsted’ style rating system and the change in approach coupled with intelligent monitoring   promises a very different experience for organizations.

Read CQC’s report on their next inspection phase

One large London Trust told told me ‘we are expecting our inspection soon and are a Trust in turnaround, we are anticipating 90 inspectors’

I heard what kept folk awake at night so let’s develop a sleep strategy for those of us who care so passionately for our patients experience.

  • Get from behind our desks
  • Walk around talk to patients and staff and listen hard
  • Take action and communicate well

SIMPLES! – Well Complex maybe but not Difficult

Sleep tight

Matron Mary

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