1. Risk Management

vHealth’s experts hold the International Certifcate of Risk Management and have over 10 years advising NHS organisations on risk management. We offeriso31000

  • Assurance regarding the management of significant risks and your risk management structure
  • Identifaction, analysis and evaluation of risks 
  • Business development by turning risks into opportunities

Contact Alison Fowler for more information on alison.fowler@videre.co.uk or tel: 07919 213154


2. Clinical Incidents 

Why do things go wrong? Human error is routinely blamed for disasters in the air, on the railways, in complex surgery, and in health care generally. However, quick judgments and routine assignment of blame obscure a more complex truth. The identification of an obvious departure from good practice is usually only the first step of an investigation. Although a particular action or omission may be the immediate cause of an incident, closer analysis usually reveals a series of events and departures from safe practice, each influenced by the working environment and the wider organisational context.

We offer practical advice around the investigation and analysis of clinical incidents based on best practice and practical experience

vHealth also offers expertise on reducing healthcare associated infections

Contact Mary Moore for more information on mary.moore@videre.co.uk or  tel: 07786 038433