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We have provided a fresh perspective to over 100 healthcare logosorganisations including care homes, acute trusts, PCT commissioners, ambulance trusts, GP practices, community hospitals, mental health trusts, charitable organisations and independent treatment centres, NHS England and the NHS Commissioning Board.

Here are some of our case studies ……….

Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon CCGs
Deputy Director of Delivery and Performance
Case study – Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon CCGs

NHS England 
Transformational change programme manager for agile working
Case study – NHS England

Havering CCG
Interim dep Chief Operating Officer
Case study – Havering CCG

 National Institute of Health Research
Research and Feasibility Tool – a national programme to increase patient participation into dementia research
Case study – NIHR redesign

Guilford & Waverley CCG
Led rapid whole system QIPP improvements to the Frail Elderly pathway with acute, community and primary care, mental health and social services
Case study – Guildford Waverley CCG

NHS Commissioning Board
Programme manager within the HR and OD directorate
Case study – NHS Commissioning Board

NHS Diabetes and Institute of Diabetes for Older People
Setting up strategic and operational networks across South of England
Network showcased in Parliament
Case study – NHS Diabetes

NHS South West
Regional healthcare associated infection review
Case study – NHS South West

The King’s Fund
National review on GP Improvement programmes
Case study – The Kings Fund

Care UK
Practical support and commissioning expertise in their Any Willing Provider applications for Treatment Centres
Case study – Care UK

Pharma / Visions4health
Providing expertise in adapting the NHS-endorsed Rapid Change Tool for primary care (publicised in HSJ Dec10)
Case study – Pharma

National Institute of Health Research
A rapid redesign of DeNDRoN’s core industry process
Case study – NIHR redesign

National Institute of Health Research
Delivered a 6-month training programme on project management and service improvement
Case study – NIHR training

National Institute of Health Research
Undertook a 3 month review across the south east and south London on research into dementia and the neurodegenerative diseases.
Case study – NIHR service review

North Thames DeNDRoN
Project manager for Embedding a Research Culture
Case study – North Thames DeNDRoN project manager

South West DeNDRoN
Project manager for regional patient consultation exercise
Case study – NHS South West

Citizens Advice Bureau
Developed a strategic income generation plan
Case study – Citizens Advice Bureau

Who we work with
We work with a range of companies and expert individuals to complement our range of services :

  • Orange Juice Comunications
  • Design Health – Project Management
  • GlennCo Ltd – Senior interim management
  • Purple Rock Events – conference and event management
  • Clinical Governance Toolbox
  • Visions4health
  • Productive Primary Care